Killing vs Podfading

Podcasts “podfade” all the time. The term usually refers to a show that just simply stops putting out content. Often there lingers a hope that an episode may eventually be released. That lingering hope, at least for me, somehow adds pressure to release, as there’s that unspoken promise of more, and thus the nagging feeling of having something on the to-do list that just isn’t getting done.

So I killed – My 3rd podcast, the first one where I hosted alone.  (except guest hosts).

A bit of history,

It originally started as an F-Off to early AMP (Association of Music Podcasting) rules about music content per episode. You see, at the time, Bob and AJ was about to be in AMP, but was deemed to have too much talk, and it was decided that to be a “music show”, a show should have at least 75% music content or something similar. This is December 2004, podcasting is barely 6 months old. WAY too early to start with the rules & such.. So we took our ball and went home.

Being something of a shit-disturber at times 🙂 , I couldn’t leave it at that. I decided to show some people what a “music show” should sound like. So was born MostlyTunes. No talking except for song intros. 30 minutes, 97% music content. Put that in your association and smoke it. I wasn’t angry, just trying to prove a point. The thing is, the show sounded great!

A funny thing happened afterwards, MostlyTunes eventually became a part of AMP (A great bunch of people, really!!) and many of the “old guard” that tried so hard to make rules so early in the game have moved on, or podfaded or whatever.

So here we come to summer 2009, and I’ve got new projects on the horizon. So to clear the table, I wanted to give MostlyTunes a proper send off. Today I published the final “greatest hits” episode, and with that I knocked something off the to-do list.

Thanks for listening to MostlyTunes, it was a fun project and I look forward to the next ones,

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  1. Phil Bowman says:

    Farewell MostlyTunes.

    Saying farewell at 50 – sounds familiar for some reason… No memorial event attended by thousands?

  2. Rob says:

    Merde! 🙂 There’s something to be said for bowing out gracefully, though. Probably better this way than letting it turn into Moldy Tunes, Bob!

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