Fit in 15: The results!

fit in 15

There’s my last chance to user that header graphic.

 Just got the official word, apparently the judges had a tough time deciding who to award the prizes to, and could only choose three who they felt best exemplified the program. I know, I made it SO hard on them, bad Bob!

Anyway, heartfelt congrats to the winners of the challenge :

Andrea from a peek inside the fishbowl, Caroline of Parent Club and Nancy Zimmerman of Nancy Zimmerman: A Canadian Money Coach, each of whom will be receiving an iPod Touch and another iTunes gift card.

Now I could bring up the fact that only women won iPod touches, but I won’t 🙂

Am I still at it?

Actually, I am – I have to admit I’m not going to the website daily anymore, but it’s good to know that it’s there. I’m going to the gym 3-5 times a week these days on top of coaching a kids’ soccer team, but I find the mid-day stretches a nice break from the day job which mostly involves being on the phone and hurling expletives at emails I get throughout the day.. 🙂

What about You??

Well,  you know who won here? A MAN! Yes! Tommy Vallier joined me on the challenge, and for his efforts (and documenting them) he gets a nifty new iPod Shuffle and iTunes gift card. Thanks Tommy! It helped to know someone was playing along! (And by the way, if you need WordPress help, Tommy’s your guy – he bills by the minute! check out his site here)

Once again I’d like to thank the CCA, for Tommy’s iPod and mine, and for motivating us to get movement into our daily routines.

We now return to regular programming…..

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  1. Hey Bob! Sorry I’m a little late on the comment.

    I actually had a great time with #fitin15 – and I too am still at it.

    Like you, I’m not heading to the website daily… But I didn’t during the week of the competition, either. I’ve always tried to keep myself active…ish… But the ‘Fit In 15’ item now sits on a daily to-do list, just to keep it fresh on the mind.

    I’m looking forward to the shuffle – gonna turn it into my audiobook player. 🙂

    And I won’t touch on the gender thing… Probably don’t wanna launch too much into that rant.

  2. Hey, thanks for the congrats and thanks for being part of the #fitin15! Just got the shuffle in the mail last week – those things are remarkable, eh?

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