The worthlessness of a retweet

ok, another Twitter post – but really, it’s about more than that…

One of the ways people show support for an idea is to “retweet” someone’s post.. The format usually adopted is to start with “RT”, then the user name and original tweet.

So if I really support/want to spread/want to impress CreepyNewGuy ‘s tweet:


I would take what he said, add “RT” and then my followers would see what he said:


Oops! See what happened there? I retweeted something completely different, and the Twitter-gods did not smote me.

Food for thought, eh?

So, when CreepyNewGuy’s potential new employer uses “the Google” to search for his online thoughts/history/ebay purchasing habits… He’ll find out that at one point, CreepyNewGuy MUST have said he didn’t like one armed people.. It’s got to be true, it was RETWEETED!

I’m not sure there’s an answer to this, or if there really needs to be one… I tend to drop people that just RT all day long anyway…

The least you should do is set up a google alert or something so that you’ll at least know what they’re saying you said…

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