Fit in 15: days 6/7

fit in 15

Days *6/7*

Two days of desk work before some time off. Back to the chair that’s my home for too many hours in a day…
how’d I do?

You know, the flexibility is where I felt the best. So I did that on the last 2 days, since I got the most out of those exercises. I think it’s important to get satisfaction from exercise, and the flexibility workout is just enough to get the blood moving and clearing the brain.

On day 6 I did lower back and calf stretching. I have a history of back trouble, so I like to work it out with out killing it.. I did some seated stretching like this :

and I alternated those with calf stretches like so:

The calf stretching was great in the middle of the day…  a great way to shake the legs up after long periods of sitting.

On day 7, I was happy to find an exercise that had also been recommended to my by a physical therapist.. Towards the end of the hockey season, I tweaked my shoulder, and certain movements were really not fun… So after my shoulder was “worked” back into place, I started doing these chest-flex-thingies in the doorway…but 1 arm at a time, it’s amazing where you feel the pull…

I rounded that out with more neck rolls and reaches, and called my fit-in-15 challenge done.

final thoughts

This was a fun challenge. I know I got something out of it. I wish it hadn’t coincided with PAB, so I could have given the blog posts a more “multi-media” feel… In the end though, what’s important is I’ve added physical activity to my daily routine, and hopefully some of you are doing that now too..

Thanks CCA, for great tips, and the motivation to carry this out!

the contest is pretty much done, but midnight on the 24th is the deadline to send me what you’ve done… Even if you don’t do the challenge, you should take a look at the exercises from the websites My Fit-in 15 or Upping My Game . It’s true, just a few minutes a day can make a big difference…

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