Fit in 15: day 5

fit in 15

Day *5*

Straight up – fried from the conference… BUT did manage to still use the stairs and go a for a walk on a BEAUTIFUL sunday afternoon in Kingston before heading home.

how’d I do?

the 15mins were scattered on Sunday, between the stairs and the walk though, I’m pretty confident I met my goal.
how’d you do?

Communication has completely broken down. What do we need, therapy?

Other thoughts

So my lofty goals of going full multi-media on this thing are so far not working out… I’d better step up the last few days…

Next, days 6&7, which are “back to work before my vacation days” so they’ll be pretty similar… What to do… what to do….

You can still join in, send me an email (fitin15 @ ) with a picture/audio/video/blog post/whatever of you trying some of the exercises from the websites My Fit-in 15 or Upping My Game . Read my instructions for the iPod/iTunes contest on the first post of this series here.

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