Fit in 15: day 4

fit in 15

Day *4*

Now this is where the challenge got interesting. You may know that I was at Podcasters Across Borders this weekend. (Canada’s premier podcasting conference, dontcha know!)  So that brought a whole new twist to this challenge.

Well, I’ve committed to this, so I had to find a way to integrate this with my crazy weekend in Kingston. Now Kingston’s a beautiful small town, and everything needed is walking distance from the hotel. So I’m not going to cop out and say that because my car spent the weekend in the parking lot and I walked everywhere I met my goals.

how’d I do?

Certain behaviors are expected and looked forward to at these types of events. Let’s just say that the days don’t usually end with me watching “Magnum P.I.” reruns on TV and falling asleep by 10pm. BUT I knew this going in, so I was able to plan my days for it..

On saturday morning, the weather was cooperative, and I was up before many others (*I know, that’s not what usually happens*) and went for a long decently-paced walk along Kingston’s waterfront. Now early on a saturday morning, my brain isn’t equipped to do much more than the essentials, so I ended up forgetting to bring my camera. However, this is one of the views I saw, ‘cept it was earlier in the day, and cloudier…

Kingston City Hall, originally uploaded by Andrew MacKinnon.

how’d you do?

I don’t know. You didn’t tell me. *sniff* You don’t bring me flowers anymore, either.

Next, the day 5 challenge : the end of the conference and another long drive

You can still join in, send me an email (fitin15 @ ) with a picture/audio/video/blog post/whatever of you trying some of the exercises from the websites My Fit-in 15 or Upping My Game . Read my instructions for the iPod/iTunes contest on the first post of this series here.

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