Fit in 15: day 3

fit in 15

Day *3* – a travel day!

Heading to a conference friday morning by driving for three hours made  finding the time to do the challenge a challenge in itself.

how’d I do?

I probably shouldn’t have – but I did do some of the flexibility stretches while driving the car. Hey, it’s 401 – not like there’s anything visual that keeps anyone alert. I did mostly (actually all) upper body stretches, the pedals got in the way of anything else..

I also made a point of using the stairs to my room – 6 floors in the hotel, so plenty of chances to use the stairs.

how’d you do?



Next, the day 4 challenge : Finding time in a crazy event to exercise!

You can still join in, send me an email (fitin15 @ ) with a picture/audio/video/blog post/whatever of you trying some of the exercises from the websites My Fit-in 15 or Upping My Game . Read my instructions for the iPod/iTunes contest on the first post of this series here.

Let’s see how day 4 goes…

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  1. Eden Spodek says:

    Wish I had thought of taking the stairs. I didn’t even know where they were in the hotel. I did do a lot of walking and taking in the sights while in Kingston though. Alexa Clark has the pictures to prove it.

    Keep up the great work,

    (In the spirit of full disclosure, Fit-in 15 part of my day job too.)

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