Fit in 15: day 1

fit in 15

Ok – so yesterday was Day *1* of the challenge,

how’d I do?

I went to the Fit in 15 site and looked for something that would be good for someone who spent ENTIRELY too much time at a desk in front of a computer. In the flexibility section,I found some good exercises to do in the office, and stretching out for 15 minutes actually did make me feel better.

Here are some pictures of me feeling better :

From fitin15

From fitin15

From fitin15

how’d you do?

So far, I’ve heard from Tommy Vallier who got some movement into his day. As a result, Tommy’s the first entrant into the contest I mentioned in the post where I describe the challenge..

the day 2 challenge : Strength!

(that’s what I’ll do – you can still do whatever you want )

You can still join in, send me an email (fitin15 @ ) with a picture/audio/video/blog post/whatever of you trying some of the exercises from the websites My Fit-in 15 or Upping My Game .

By the way, I forgot to mention, if I win, I can win an iPod touch! So let’s help ME help YOU, help ME! or something… If I get a lot of responses, and the CCA people see that I’m a social media god (Ahem)… They’ll give me the iPod touch, and I’ll give away the shuffle I was supposed to get. Yes, I know, I’m just that cool.

  • small print text to remind you that the challenge officially closes on June 24, 2009 at midnight EST. I’ll do a random draw from the emails on June 25th.
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