What does beer have to do with PAB ?

In case you don’t read the Podcasters Across Borders blog, we’ve just announced that Rickard’s White is a silver sponsor of PAB09.  In addition to contributing financially to the conference, they will be supplying the boat cruise with some free Rickard’s White.

How does a beer company fit in with a new/social media event? Well, our exhaustive (and exhausting!) research over the last 3 years of PAB has indicated that a significant percentage of new media creators enjoy a drink or two.. Ok, so that’s a fit. Then add to that the fact that Molson and their people are active members of the social media scene. Many of you already follow Ferg Devins (@molsonferg) or Adam Moffat (@molsonmoffat) on twitter, or read the Molson community blog.

Through their participation in events like Podcamp Toronto and now Podcasters Across Borders, they’ve shown not only an interest in the community, but an interest in supporting it financially.

So if you’re at PAB this weekend, raise a glass to those who help us do what we do, and if you’re not at PAB, remember those who support community when it comes time to choose..

By the way, there’s still space so register and be a part of Canada’s premiere new media conference.

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  1. Bill Deys says:

    What does beer have to do with it? Everything! Damn near every non pro podcaster I know has a few drinks while recording. Hell I’m pretty sure I’ve had some Rickard’s White wile doing the CastRoller Podcast!

  2. Ferg Devins says:

    Hey Bob…sorry I won’t be able to come down a raise a glass to you and the team…gonna be spending some time with the family…nice change…cheer to you and PAB…have a great time and thanks for the opportunity to sample som Rickard’s White…cheers @MolsonFerg

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