Hi idiot! Oops, I mean potential client…

Hello potential customer – hope you’re an idiot, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche.

Mikes restaurants is a local chain, got this in my mailbox, and I can’t understand why they think I’m an idiot.

I’m no advertising expert, but clearly this copy went through multiple revisions and approvals, and at each level, these people thought that I (or any other potential customer) should be treated like a moron.

(the fine print in a different font says it’s actually 19.98 for two – so they’ve covered themselves legally, but I still think they don’t think highly of their customers)

Since someone thought the number “1” wouldn’t look as good if it were as big as the “9”, this potential idiot feels like they tried to deceive him. Good luck with that marketing plan…

What do you think? Am I easily offended or did I miss something?

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