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five,  by House Of Sims.


Furthur to my podcamp post, and in the spirit of putting up or shutting up, I thought I’d show you my first attempt at putting together the “Podcamp Five“.

I think these 5 sessions could be developed and become a part of podcamp. The sessions/slides could be canned and delivered locally at each podcamp by experienced podcasters. This would save the effort of re-generating this content each time, and make outreach that much simpler.

It’s my belief that these 5 sessions (or whatever they evolve into) should be part of every podcamp, as a way to introduce new people to podcasting, and give them a simple track to follow when they arrive at the event. As I mentioned on an upcoming Community Diva’s podcast, a neat idea would be to space these sessions out and tie them into the “Mentor’s Lounge”, so that the sessions themselves act as a seed, and the mentor’s lounge would then allow more Q&A around the topics presented.

The way I see it, the five sessions would be 45mins or so each, and be divided up as follows:

1. Introducing Podcasting

  • brief history
  • how it works (RSS etc)
  • listening to podcasts
  • finding podcasts

2. The online presence

  • why a blog? Any alternatives?
  • how to get your own (hosting, self hosted, etc)
  • how to add podcasts to posts
  • Audio or Video?

3. Basic Audio production 

  • Producing good audio
  • common tools (audacity, Garageband etc)
  • Basic tips & techniques

4. Basic Video production

  • Producing good video
  • common tools (audacity, Garageband etc)
  • Basic tips & techniques

5. Advanced topics

  • SEO
  • Measurement
  • growing your audience
  • etc


So that’s my first draft, I’d love to hear any input..

Am I wrong in thinking 5 sessions like this would help new podcasters? Or should they just google “How to podcast”, and then catch up at podcamp ?

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  1. Rob Blatt says:

    I had a similar idea, but I was going to call it podcasting 101 and have it run the duration of a podcamp, no matter what the length would be.

    I would also add a “How to start podcasting in the next five minutes” as a sixth session. That would include the easiest ways to get content out with the lowest amount of effort. That would probably wind up at #3 because it would include audio and video in the session.

    Any interest in helping put this together for PodCampNYC? I know people that would help out or lead most of these sessions, me included.

  2. Steve H. says:

    This is a great idea! Especially if it can tie in with the Mentor Lounge as you describe. I know the Zero-to-Podcast sessions at PCTO08 were probably pretty tough to do for two full days. This allows for the same type of thing, but presenters and mentors don’t need to be on the hook for the full event.

  3. Andrea Ross says:

    Great idea, Bob.

    I would explicitly add why, what, when, where to the first session. This could be pretty quick, but it’s likely a common starting point for the podcurious.

  4. Bill Deys says:

    I’m working on getting some people together to do this at PodCamp London! I’m going to build out the sessions and do it, already some interest in helping so…

  5. ennev says:

    I think podcamps need this. Just to keep fresh books pouring in. Or it just endup being an elitist thing deem to slowly die.

  6. Ennev says:

    meant “fresh blood” thanks to the iPod autocorrection it got f\/<%€< up

  7. Eden Spodek says:

    Bob, thanks again for joining Community Divas episode 12 along with Mark Blevis.

    Not only is the PodCamp 5 a great idea but the nice thing about it is you wouldn’t have to attend all the sessions at one PodCamp – you can attend over time. I’m really hoping this idea gains traction Connie and I did a session at PodCamp Montreal last year explaining how we got started and the room was packed.

    The idea of running it concurrently with othe sessions is a good one because it allows people to pick and choose the session(s) that suits them best.

    I still have so much to learn and I can’t wait for sessions 3-5.

    What about starting a wiki where podcasters can start building content for the sessions?

  8. Bob says:

    Sure – I’d be happy to offer the Canadian Podcast Buffet wiki as a place for the community to work on this –

    You need to register, but that keeps it spam-free!

  9. Great ideas. I think its interesting to explore re-mixes to how podcamps, barcamps, and unconferences work.

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