9 ways to make money podcasting

Coins!, by dichohecho.

Want to make money podcasting? You must, it’s by far the single most-asked question at Podcamps and other podcasting events.

I’ve personally grown weary of the question, as I’ve stated many times, to me, it’s all about the skills first and the money later. However many people don’t feel that way, and that’s fine. So I sprung the “Canadian Podcast Buffet Money Show” idea on my cohort Mark Blevis, and we agreed that we’d both suspend our fatigue at the question, and do our best to move the conversation forward.

So we put a call out to the community: “Show us the money“. I didn’t want theories, or speculation that if you did a certain thing you may make a few bucks. I wanted FACTS. If you weren’t actually making money from podcasting, we didn’t want to hear you this time. We reserved the show for people making it happen to share their methods and results.

I’m thrilled with the contributions we received! 9 solid contributors, each with a different approach to (dare I say it?) MONETIZING their podcasting efforts.  Each solution is valid for the simple fact that it brought revenue. I wish more people had been open about the amounts they’re getting, but I understand the desire for secrecy about that. Besides, the amount is really not relevant to what we were trying to accomplish.

Will this put an end to the question of monetizing? I honestly hope not.  Each path identified during the show is a proven way to make money. Perhaps not enough to quit your day job (if you still have it at this point), but enough to show that it is in fact possible to earn revenue.

I think we achieved our goal of moving the conversation forward. At the very least, selfishly, I’ve now got a link to point to when someone asks the question, and perhaps they’ll listen and be able to build on these approaches, or even identify new ones.

I’d love to do another money show in 6 months with 9 completely different ideas. I somehow doubt it, but I’d love to be surprised.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Canadian Podcast Buffet, and hear  podcasters making money, and how they go about it.

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