Aren’t you more than just a twit?

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 Google reader is my RSS reader of choice – other than email, it’s the web-app I use the most. A few days ago, I was subscribed to over 300 feeds, I don’t know if that’s high or not – but I realized that I wasn’t all that happy with the signal-to-noise ratio.

 There are only so many pictures of people falling down one can tolerate. Also,I find it’s good shake it up a bit, and get different viewpoints..

 So I started the “Big Purge”, and brought the number down to a whopping 90ish feeds. Since then, I’ve been looking at adding interesting content, and I’ve been going through the people I’ve connected with on LinkedIn and Twitter to see if the content they publish on their sites is something I want to read regularly.

I found some great new (to me) blogs that I look forward to reading more regularly, but I was caught off guard by the number of people who add contacts in LinkedIn by the hundreds or tweet like crazy all day, and yet have no real content on their blogs.

Did you not expect people to follow that link back?

If I don’t really know you and you blurt out something interesting or we end up “following” each other, the only way for me to know more about you is to follow your link back to your site. If I get there and all that’s there is a 8 month old picture of your dog with “Hello, world” as a post title, you really haven’t given me much to go on. As such, when it comes time for a “networking need”, be it a contact, a job lead, a place to find great sushi in a strange town, your name (and by extension, you) will mean nothing to me. It’s not evil, you just haven’t given me a reason or method to get to know you better.

“But I post online a lot, I’m tweeting 40 times a day!” How many people are using twitter to network, which is fine, but rely on twitter to maintain or deepen the relationship? If those 140 character blurbs of wit and wisdom disappear, you don’t exist? What if twitter dies, you die too?

I think you really need to have a site/blog/whatever that has real content, so that when you connect/follow/stalk people online, they can easily find out more about you, and how knowing you is a benefit to them. Social networking is about building connections, and twitter’s a great start, but you need to give people more to set yourself apart.

Seems I wasn’t the only one thinking along these lines…, Christopher S Penn is wondering what your “Plan B” is for communications should twitter cease to be..

What about you? Aren’t you more than just a twit?

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  1. Oza Meilleur says:

    Oops… guilty as charged!

    Will immediately stop tweeting and will write a blog post to get that very kitsch picture of my very fake fireplace off the front page of my blog.

    Thank you, Kick-in-the-pants-Bob.
    I love ya!

    Peace & Love
    Mudd a.k.a. Lazy Oza 😉

  2. If most people took the same amount of time to blog than the time they spend having small interactions on Twitter and FaceBook, man the web would be full of valuable content.

    O.K. got to go write a blogpost myself 🙂

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