Yeah yeah, it’s dead- you told us…

I’ve had the pleasure of being around technology for a decent amount of time. I had the chance to explore the internet before the web (there’s more than the web you know).. and was fortunate enough to experience major technology shifts which I’ll go into when I need a “When I was your age…” kind of post…

Anyhow, it’s been my experience that when a new technology arrives on the scene, there are ups and downs, players come in – others leave… I’ve been reading up on the podango podcasting service going under, and while it’s sad when any effort fails, it doesn’t mean anything in terms of podcasting’s assured survival.

With podcasting or any technology going through it’s growth cycle, you can divide the reactions to these events into 3 groups of people (4 if you count those who couldn’t care less)…

1 – The Zealots

” This is the BEST thing EVER! How could you possibly even thing of continuing your life on the path you were on? This changes everything!”

2 – The NaySayers

” _______ is dead.  I told you so. there was never a future in it. Bow to my ability to predict the outcome of your folly”

3-  The Level-headed

“Well, this wasn’t what some thought it would be, but let’s look closely – there’s some very interesting stuff going on here that may yet benefit us…”

The key to surviving,even profiting from any technology/business shift is to concentrate on trying to be #3.

#1 is fun, but let’s face it, usually they’re too damn scary to go near.

#2 is so bent on being seen as wise that any deviation from his line is discounted. The “I told you so” is an attempt to instill in you the power of their awesomeness.

When you think about it, it’s easy to say “___ is dead” (Go ahead, try it)..  What’s harder to say is “_____ is now going this way”..

Want to impress people with your ability to predict the future? Instead of saying “It’s dead, I told you it would be” after the fact (and being wrong),    Try saying “I expect this to go here” and then, BE RIGHT!

Then I’ll be impressed at your awesomeness..

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  1. Makes sense to me. People who lead by running in front of a crowd then yelling “follow me!” are more than annoying.

  2. Leonard says:

    I usually come in 3rd, but it’s normally because I’m trying to come in 1st. I’m just slow.

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