Canada’s most influential man?

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I’ve been nominated over at Dave Forde’s Profectio blog as one of Canada’s “Most influential men in Social Media.”  It’s an impressive list of people that reads like Canada’s social media who’s who, and I’m honoured someone thought enough of me to nominate me.

As with any vote-getting event, it’s turning out to be a popularity contest, which is almost right for social media. After all, it’s all about influence, and if you can influence the most people to vote for you, you’ve mobilized the biggest social network. You win!

It’s a fun thing, and I hope no one takes it too seriously and we all have a good time with it. What would be REALLY cool would be to get everyone on that list together at the same event… say maybe in Kingston in June.. or something..

At the end of the day, I don’t expect to make a big dent in the voting, but I feel I’ve already gained as I’ve got a great list of blogs to add to my reader. I hope to hook up with all of you at some point.

Congrats to the nominees, but sadly you have no chance, for I remain the most influential person,  in my basement, that is  –  until my 5yr old comes home from school anyway…

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