Lessons in trust from Quiznos

Quiznos is pretty new to my area, so it’s still been somewhat of treat to head there.

Not really knowing the menu, I look to the signs for guidance. The sign says, black angus sub on this kind of bread, and lists the prices.

I order what’s in the picture and description, and they answer me that this kind of bread will cost me $0.40 extra.


I want what’s on the sign, with the price clearly marked on the sign.  I tell them as much. I’m told that’s “just an example” and have to pay extra to get that bread. I’m confused – what else do I not know about this sign and its lies? Is that not meat?

Ok, it’s only $0.40, but I’m one of those people that get upset if I think I’m being played for a fool. It’s one of those things..

I tell them again them the price is right there on the sign, only to get told to call the Quiznos 800 number if I’m not happy about paying extra.

You’ve only been open a few months, and you’re telling people crap like this?

Clearly, the employees have no power to make customers happy, or even to tape over an erroneous (and by Quebec consumer protection law, illegal) sign.

The sub was tasty, but the experience was soured.

What’s the lesson here? Do I want my $0.40 back? Nooo…

– but for less than half a dollar, Quiznos has given me a reason to drive right by next time..

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  1. Bob Garrett says:

    All about customer service and most dont get it

    Nice post

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