It’s all about skills, baby!

thanks all for the great comments and emails on the previous post, let me expand on my thoughts a bit more…

First off, I AM NOT AGAINST MONETIZATION OF PODCASTS. I am, however tired of the discussion, because it’s not relevant to building the SKILL of creating good content. If I told you that you could make $xxx/month podcasting, and all you had to do was produce an interesting, informative, well-written, well paced, well produced show with a big audience, several times a week. Most of us (and I include myself in there) couldn’t do it.

Why? Is it because we’re not good? No, it’s because no one wants your god damned podcast. What they want, is your big audience. Notice how audience comes at the end of the list, if many of the previous criteria aren’t met, you can forget about the audience.

Even “how do I build an audience?” is a much more interesting conversation than “How do I make money”.


It’s a skill! All the things I listed above are skills. Skills are fun/meant to be taught/shared. How to make money isn’t a skill, well, at least not a podcasting skill – thus it’s irrelevance to me at podcamp’s & such..

If you agree with me on skills, then you may also agree that (most of the time) you need to build the skills before you can think of revenue. And that’s where I get discouraged, probably because I expose myself to too many people who think they can short circuit the process.

I’m not saying that turning a skill into money shouldn’t be talked about. What I’m saying is this is 2008. We need to move on. Any method for making money via podcasting (or blogging, or twittering, or whatever) is documented. We are no longer at the days when googling “podcast” gave us 100 hits.  If you really want to make money at something, you have two choices :

A- Copy what’s been done before  (here is where Google is your friend)

B- Do something completely unique where the uniqueness of it is what will make people give you money. (if it’s such a great idea, keeping it to yourself might be a good thing too)

Both of these approaches need at least some skill. I don’t see a third choice, maybe I’m just not seeing it right now.. do you see a third option?

Disclosure: No red-markers were supplied or injured in the writing of this blog

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  2. David says:

    Thank you for the follow-up. Glad to hear you aren’t against monetization. 🙂

    I do feel though that many people at events are, and if people have the skills, knowledge, time and ability, being able to talk about how to go from producing one hundred episodes of a podcast that made you nothing, into a viable business opportunity should be open for discussion.

    My biggest concern was locking down the ability to talk about the business aspect of podcasting. While I agree it takes time, talent, and skill to produce a podcast, it also takes time, talent and skill to properly monetize it, and as we all try to find a way to get out of the grind, and work at what we love, I think the conversation becomes more central, rather than less.

    Though, as a side note, I think that maybe there needs to be events related to monetization strategies and whatnot of all new media, rather than taking up the time of PAB or Podcamps. 🙂

  3. Bob says:

    But David, your arguement starts with “100 podcasts that made you nothing.” That’s not correct.

    It may not be a cheque, but I challenge you to find someone who’s produced 100 of anything (podcasts, wooden bowls, cakes, whatever) and didn’t get anything (friends, help, community, advice, therapy, networking, feedback, experience, etc) out of it.

    In an age of trust economies and relationship currencies, if the first and only goal is cash, you’re selling yourself (and your clients) short. In all probability, you may be limiting the amount of cash you CAN generate.

    To your point about a Monetization strategy for new media event, I’d be very interested, and you’d probably be surprised at what I could bring to that discussion. I just find it out of place at PAB and podcamps.

    I’m enjoying this discussion – it’s long overdue..

  4. Andrea Ross says:

    Yes, something else that’s long overdue: WadCamp Monetization UnConferences.

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