Time to play some music?

 One of the things that first got me interested in podcasting was the ability to play music. Music’s always been a big part of my life, and I’ve always liked indie stuff anyway, so podcasting was a great way to join these things together.  I was involved in early discussions to form AMP – the association of music podcasting in 2004, didn’t like where the rules were going or being hemmed in, walked away, created a show (mostlytunes) as my way of ‘doing my own thing’, then after most of the initial crowd were gone, joined AMP. I think AMP is podcasting’s best kept secret right now, it’s a core group of experienced & devoted music fans, and they really seem to be having fun. Funny how things work out.

It may seem strange to many that music was what drew me to podcasting. As the last couple of years have shown, I haven’t been very active in music podcasting, choosing to concentrate my limited time on community shows and events such as CPB, podcamps, PAB and things like that..

Today I went to the mostlytunes PO Box (and the Canadapost people are very nice about keeping packages for me longer than they should) and brought home a few CDs that were sent in :

I think I’ve put out 1 or 2  music episodes of my own in the last year, and I’m thinking maybe the universe is telling me it wants me to start playing tunes again. So I’m going to put 6 mostlytunes episodes out over the next 6 weeks. Let’s see if it still has traction, and more importantly, if I still enjoy doing it. Let’s find out together, k?

Watch www.mostlytunes.com this weekend for the first episode of this series..

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