Time to sit on the floor again

Last year around this time, a bunch of us sat on the newly-recarpeted floor in the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and called it Podcamp Ottawa. It was a day filled with great conversations, great exchanges and none of the other trappings that conferences and unconferences have. Somehow, it also managed to not become a typical Kum by Yah happy-trippy-lovefest where people preach peace and sell love beads and somehow manage to avoid personal hygeine.

Photo by Mark Blevis

The original idea for Podcamp Ottawa came from Podcamp Boston2, where we all sat on the floor (the infamous circle discussion) and exchanged ideas and methods for making this community thrive. Mark took that event as a sign that a podcamp could happen on a floor, and showed us that it could.

I made a little video tour of Podcamp Ottawa 2007 . Take a look to see what it was about. With no offense intended towards my marketing friends, this event really is about connecting, not connections.

Well it’s that time again, and I’m thrilled that Mark, Andrea and Maurizio have joined forces to put this together again on November 23rd. The theme this year is “Fresh Thinking and Approaches“, which promises to be just enough to nudge the conversations in an interesting direction.

My name is on the organizer’s list for this event as well, so I need to step up and bring something to the event other than a 1999 Saturn wagon and a camera. Last year I did an Audacity workshop which was well-received, I’ve not decided yet what I’ll do this time around. Any ideas?

If you’re anywhere within a few hours driving from Ottawa, I’d recommend taking a sunday and joining this event. I hope to talk some Montreal-area podcasters into joining us, and I’m looking forward to seeing folks from other areas as well.

Here’s the Podcamp Ottawa Site, the schedule, and the registration page – Get to it!

See you in Ottawa!

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  1. Sean Power says:

    Sounds fun. Count me in!

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