The internet is becoming US-Only

The internet is becoming US-Only

The internet was going to be the great equalizer.

 Anyone can create content, and anyone anywhere can consume it!


Drone #1 – ARGH! How do we stop this? I know, let’s get people to use a tool with built-in gatekeeping and geographic blocks like DVDs..

Drone #2 – You Tube?

Drone #1 – too late, that cat’s out of the bag

Drone #2 – Hulu ?

Drone #1 – What?

Drone #2 – HULU!

Drone #1 – I thought you were throwing up

Drone #2 – I think I did, a little.

… the gatekeepers are winning

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  1. Dave Delaney says:

    Shhh…did you hear that? Did someone say CRTC?

  2. Jason says:

    Bob.. that video plays fine for me…

  3. John Meadows says:

    Until old media realizes that borders are hackable, it’s an inconvenience; thank goodness for proxies!

    And not all content is geo-locked, although part of me wants to see the gatekeepers make content so restricted, expensive and inconvenient that content consumers in exasperation will turn to non-traditional producers and find out how good a lot of this stuff is, or perhaps even make thier own content. It’s hard to put a DRM lock on an acoustic guitar and some vocal cords 🙂

  4. Nico says:

    Actually, I’ve gotten the “this content isn’t available in your country” message from Youtube :-\

    And credit when it’s due! Comedy Central has the latest episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report availabe online with no US-only bullshit.

  5. Adam Gratrix says:

    In Canada, CTV own the broadcast rights to shows like The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Comedy Central tells you to go to CTV’s to view that content. CTV has a convoluted interface where it can show you ads between program segments. I don’t have a TV anymore; ads for CTV television programming are wasted on me.

    I may no longer be a “couch potato”, but if I watch all these shows on my computer, does that make me an “office chair asparagus”?

  6. Maurizio says:

    Bob, try “Hotspot Sheild” as a proxy application to view Hulu content in Canada.

  7. I e-mailed HULU about this situation and they said something about having and then losing some international licenses and their hopes that they would one day have those licenses again.

    Yeah I know, it sounded like bullshit to me too.

    I told them Joss Whedon made a mistake using their service.
    I wasn’t happy.

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