Conference clash

photo by JonCaves

This is the Air Canada A319 that flies apparently to San Francisco. The cool thing is it’s painted in the pre-Air Canada “Trans-Canada Airlines” motif, which IMHO is just way cooler than any paint I’ve seen on AirCanada planes in the last 20 years…

If Air Canada holds up their end of the bargain (I gave them money, so they fly me to SF) I’ll be missing out on the Sunday sessions of Podcamp Montreal to get to San Francisco in time to get to the Oracle Open World conference. I’ll be going from a campy unconference to a full blown huge “corporate” conference in a matter of a few hours.. Wonder how much social media I’ll see at OOW… Probably as much as the JD Edwards solutions I’ll see at podcamp 🙂

What’s JD Edwards? it’s a lot of what I do for my day job. More on that in a future post..

So while I’m sad to miss part of pcmtl, I’m excited to finally see SF, catch up on my “day job world” and meet up with an ex-Montreal friend or two..

Now off to fill the iPod for the long flight…

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  1. Busy man – we’ll miss you on Sunday. Does this mean you won’t be partying with us on Saturday night?? 🙂

  2. Well…Oracle does offer podcasts so maybe there more social media there than expected.

    One can dream can’t he!

    P.S, I too like the retro paint jobs… sure beats the rainbow splashes on the Jazz planes.. eeks…

    Have fun in Montreal and San Francisco!

  3. Valerie says:

    “If Air Canada holds up their end of the bargain”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >;-)

    Cya soon.

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