Let’s try 8tracks..

flickr pic by Michel Van Hoof

Here’s my August mix , that link should work until the RIAA slams it down..

edit – you don’t know what’s coming on until it plays, which is cool. It seems to play only the first 2:00 or so of a song, which is not. 


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  1. David Porter says:


    Are you still having the cut-out problems with the tracks? I’m listening to your mix now to see if I can reproduce the issue.

    If you add tracks from the “network” (i.e. you didn’t upload them), then the tracks are limited to shorter (90-sec) clips at the outset, if you tune into your OWN mix. (Your listeners will hear the full-length tracks.)

    If you uploaded MP3s yourself and they’re cutting out, that’s a bug. I’ve only noted this with one other person so far, and we’ve not yet figured out this issue. But I’d like to know if that is in fact the problem.

    Tuning in now…

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for clearing that up David – I hadn’t realized that listeners were getting the full songs.

    I used all “network” tunes, and to me that was part of the appeal, to be able to create mixes of tunes I didn’t have. Is limiting the time a copyright thing?

    I didn’t try uploading yet, so that’s not the issue.

    Good luck with 8tracks, seems like a whole bunch of fun!

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