Christa Couture

Photo by Nico

On the thursday before PAB (when will I stop mentioning that?), Cat, Neil, Nico, AJ and I went to check out Christa Couture who was performing at a coffee shop in montreal. You may remember AJ and I have been singing her praises since we featured her first single in March 2005.

She’s on a cross-Canada tour to promote her new album, “The Wedding Singer and the Undertaker.”.. Even though I had an advance copy of the album, I only gave it a quick listen before seeing her perform it. I have to admit though, that since seeing her perform it, I’ve played it several times. It has a great flow, and it was worth the wait.

A bit fancier arrangements this time out,some horns and slide guitars get added to the sound, and don’t take anything away from Christa’s beautiful voice.

I’m serious, this girl could sing the phonebook and I wouldn’t miss a word.

After the show, she joined us at our table, and she, AJ and I had a nice chat we recorded for use in an upcoming show. She’s super nice, and real, and everything I’d hoped she’d be in person.

Anyhow, if you get a chance to see her, go. And if you get a chance to pick up the album, do.

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