Where am I going to find the ears?

Ok – I listen to a lot of different podcasts. I do reach a point though, where there is no human way I can catch up.

In podcasts, just as blog reading, people feel a twinge of guilt when they “Mark all as read”. If you listen or read more than three things, it will snowball at one point and you’ll be looking for ways to injure yourself so you can spend the hospital recovery time catching up.

Well, here’s the thing. Typically, hospital stays are getting shorter, so the self-inflicted wound you would have to endure may also prevent you from listening to podcasts, thereby making the whole exercise less-than-useful.

Here is Bob’s magic 1-step solution :


Assert yourself in the confidence that if anyone there talked about something REALLY important about you, someone will let you know. Now I’m not saying never listen to anything, that’s not the point, but give yourself permission to start with a clean slate.

In fact, for more advanced mark-all-as-heard people, the next step is to delete ALL your podcast subscriptions, and resubscribe only to the ones you miss. You may find you have room for new voices and ideas, and will enjoy fresh perspectives.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should absolutely NEVER unsubscribe to anything I’m remotely involved in…

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  1. katherine says:

    One thing I stopped doing was going to get previous episodes (with a couple of exceptions — in rare cases I’ll go back to Number One and start from the beginning).

    I subscribe to a lot of CBC podcasts, but I skim the info before I download for many of them.

    I still have an excruciating number still waiting to be heard. Mind you, so many shows go on hiatus until September, that there’s a window of opportunity to catch up!

  2. Stevie Z says:

    I decided that when I bought a new computer and plugged everything in/downloaded everything that instead of just using my “old” Juice (yeah, I still used it) list I would start a new Juice subscription list on what occurred to me that I wanted to listen to…kind of like what Bob suggested with starting your subscription list anew. Then, when I finally consummated my affair with the 300 LB Gorilla known as iTunes, I did it again – I went with what I wanted to hear. That pared things down a lot. Of course, I’m fairly lucky in that my job involves being in a vehicle driving around Toronto for about 4-5 hours per day, so I get to listen to a LOT of podcasts. That’s the only reason I haven’t left that job, come to think of it.


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