Pre-PAB dads

Photo by Mark Blevis

So the weekend before our annual conference… instead of panicking over last minute details like wifi and food and stuff… Mark and I grabbed our kids and headed to the flooded lands of the Saint Lawrence seaway at Long Sault for a father’s day camping weekend.

The weather was menacing at first, but by Saturday afternoon it was clear that we were being well served by the weather-diety of your choice, and we had a great weekend.

Surprisingly, the computers stayed off the whole weekend, and perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, we recorded a podcast episode by the campfire. Look for the next episode of CPB to have a very different feel.

It was a great weekend, I got to bring my son fishing for the first time, and to enjoy watching him meet and play with Mark’s kids. It still surprises me that after all these years our kids hadn’t spent any time together. Well that’s fixed now..

This was exactly the recharge I needed before the craziness that is hosting a conference, and I think i’ll be able to sail into PAB more relaxed than previous years..

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  1. Mark says:

    What an amazing weekend! It really does make me wonder why we waited so long to do this.

    I’m feeling very relaxed about PAB, now, too. It’s funny that it took a weekend of what PAB was supposed to be originally — a campsite gathering — to reframe the event for us.

    Here’s something we don’t often say to each other… see you, again, next weekend.

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