on live 88.5 this morning

If I got my schedule right, I’ll be on the radio this morning.

I’ll be interviewed on Live 88.5 this morning (june 3rd) around 8:45 9:45 EDT.

I’ll be discussing how you can become independently wealthy by podcasting with a few well placed ads.

No, actually, I think we’ll be talking about how to put together a podcast and how it can really help in the business world.

It’s going to be fun, check out the live stream!

Edit: I did get it wrong, it’s 9:45 not 8:45….

Edit2 : I just realised the show I’m to be on just ended… I guess we’re recording! 


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  1. Bill Deys says:

    Oh how nice, Windows Media Stream. Guess I have to listen on the Windows Box and I can’t record it for ya Bob!

  2. Bob says:

    there’s a little icon that says “Firefox users click here” in the popup player – it’s playing fine on my mac

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