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I like using flickr pictures in blog posts. flickr’s a great photo sharing site, and the ability to manage pictures and tags and all that fun stuff makes it a great place to put pictures.

Pictures in blog posts (or podcast shownotes) really help liven up an entry.. and it’s easy to combine flickr with your blogging efforts.. flickr gives you a “Blog this” option, so you click that on a picture you’re looking at, and you can create a blog post around that option easily.

Like so:

The problem is, when you post via flickr, it publishes right away. So you have that mad rush to come to your blog and fix things up afterwards before anyone sees it. flickr’s not a great post editor, in fact it just gives you a title and text box to work with. So no handy-dandy link tools, tags, etc… fixing the post after the fact is almost a certainty..

So there’s this simple but effective plugin for wordpress called flickr blog this to draft that makes incoming blog posts from flickr come in as a draft post automatically. So no more panic, just blog and then go tighten up the post from your wordpress editor.


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  1. Bill Deys says:

    That is a great plugin, one problem for me is it will not allow me to post a picture to flickr then through to my blog via my mobile phone. I’d have to login and publish it, and that is not something I want to have to do! Wonder if the plugin can be hacked to allow posts through based on a given condition.

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