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We have never believed in user-generated content as a business, or even as a sustainable entertainment offering,” said Ron Bloom, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, MEVIO.


What else can be said? I for one, welcome the indie podcasters back to the fold, there’s an awesome community here waiting for you. In fact, we were here before these jerkoffs, we’ll be here long after.

Connect with people, build a following, have fun!

Have a glass of wine, forget the broken promises, the bullshit, and enjoy connecting with people. THAT, my friends is what podcasting is all about..

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  1. Linda says:

    All I can say is…



  2. Todd Tyrtle says:

    I’m thrilled to see this. So often, people trying to make a buck from something that really is about making a community screw it up for the rest of us. The oldest example would probably be music but there are others as well. I remember when I saw my first ads on the web in around 1995. I remember there being lots of outrage with people vowing to boycott altavista.com for having put ads there. Others said it would never work. I wish it hadn’t – there’s lots I like about the net today but it really isn’t the commercial side.

    What I have found about poddcasting is that for me it has always maintained its community feel. Of course that could be due to the fact that I have a pretty strict rule of not listening to ad-supported podcasts. The same is true of the web though in that case I use adblockers.

  3. coach fu says:

    “The revolution is on” right?

  4. Pod show , Mevio what ever!
    Im in it to have fun , drink beer ,and meet great people, call me what ever you want , Im having fun!

  5. Pod show , Mevio what ever!
    Im in it to have fun , drink beer ,and meet great people, call me what ever you want , Im having fun!
    Let the revolution roll on!

  6. Wow, its one thing to have the thought, or to say it in an interview. It’s quite another to have it published in your your press release!

  7. AC says:

    You only published half of the quote. The UGC Ron is referring to is single clip stuff like YouTube. Read on to get the full context:

    “We have focused on developing and delivering
    episodic content that engages the audience, building a feature-rich network
    for our users to personalize their programming and share with others — and it
    is working. Over the last six months, our network has exploded and we are
    seeing larger audiences, spending more time, viewing more content and
    returning more often.”

    Have you even looked at our network? All episodic, all independently produced, building audiences and making money.

    There is an entire internet to fill with whatever, so I see no need for the shouting and name calling if you have a different opinion or mission. Is that how a ‘Community Builder’ goes about his business?


  8. Bob says:

    thanks for comment AC, but that sentence stands on it’s own. It’s quite obvious in the press release, even with the additional sales talk that follows it.

    If he had meant the one-time stuff like youtube, that’s what he should have said.

    People will react to what you say, not what you meant to say..

    Have I looked at your network? I know more about your network than you think I do…

    Let’s see… the iPodder directory – built and maintained by the community on your and Dave Winer’s shoulders, but a community built and maintained list none the less.. Built by volunteers over many hours, then slapped with a copyright notice and let fall into disrepair.

    PMN … I knew that library, when it was AMP.

    Maybe I have looked at your network, maybe I just didn’t like what I saw. Somehow, I find comfort in not being alone in that position.

    Ron bit the hands that fed him with that quote, and if your biggest problem is the opinion of a guy like me, you guys got away with one.

    As for how I go about my business, my business is connecting people. My credibility stands because I call bull when I see it.

    If I’m wrong I admit it, but the comments here and in my inbox are telling me I’m not far off base on this one…

  9. Bob,

    As always… you speak the words of the community you have helped groom and are an active member in. I too am appalled and quite disappointed at that quote from Ron… Podshow has such promise for podcasters and yet have done so little for podcasting.

    This is the nail in their coffin.

  10. Sue Murphy says:

    Bob, you are a smart, smart man. Amen to that! And to the wine part, too 🙂

  11. Greg says:

    If that is how Mevio feels about user-generated content then shouldn’t they be removing all of the user-generated shows from their network? As of this moment they are still abusing their directory to fill their site with content and not paying a penny back to the developers.

  12. Ed Roberts says:

    Yeah. Track back press releases and I almost guarantee that you’ll find something to the effect of independently created podcasts being at the very least “a sustainable entertainment offering.” if not a business model. Anyone have access to their releases from when they launched or got funding?

    I was also rather annoyed at Bloom’s comment that “podcasts are generally considered to be amateur.” I guess that’s why mainstream media specifically use the name “Podcast.” They want to appear more amateur. Associate the phrase “podcasts are amateur” and Oprah Winfrey in the same sentence and you’d likely tick off half the female population in the US.

  13. Frightening and awesome. I have to second your response there, Bob. If the comment had meant one-off content, it should have included that. By specifying “user-generated content”, I do feel like I just got spit on. The rest of the quote seems to further emphasize PodShow/Mevio/FUVio ‘s attitude that they differentiate their content from that UGC stuff.

  14. Ed Roberts says:

    … as a side note. The first batch of full contracts that Podshow gave podcasters come up next month. Food for thought.

  15. @Ed Roberts:

    Funny, that.

    The generation 1 contracts are actually already vesting/terminating.

    As for podcasting and amateur… well, I’m happy to call myself an amateur, then. In the last year alone I’ve been in the NY Times, CNN, Washington Post, US News & World Report, WCVB, TheStreet… if this is amateur, user-generated content, then I’m happy to be an amateur.

  16. Tammy Munson says:

    Amen to that! I’m Tammy and I’m proud to be an amateur!

  17. Quote: “PMN … I knew that library, when it was AMP.”

    Sir, I stand and applaud you. Those were the good ole’ days…


  18. Tim Finucane says:

    As a former AMP member I can say those were most definately the good ole’ days.

    Shame what’s going on with Podshow, but I think the community will eventually move on to a better place and better resources will emerge.

    Hell, this amateur just might have to come out of retirement now.

  19. Paul H says:


    The feed icon for each show has a mevio url not a native feed url.
    Deja Vu.
    And our shows are still on the site despite contacting them to ask to be removed.
    Deja Vu.
    Get your damn hands off our content Ron!

  20. @paul H: thanks for reminding me of this abuse of our content. I just sent them a removal request.


  21. Dan Klass says:

    Bloom raises an interesting question: At what tipping point does “user generated media” become “media?” When the producer has to pass a gatekeeper? When that gatekeeper is an “industry professional” like Bloom? Holy crap. The reason most indie producers start creating for the internet is to AVOID having to get the green light from “industry professionals.”

    I continue to be fascinated by PodShow/MALVIO’s inability to navigate the feelings of the community. This is the latest in a long series of “misunderstandings” (“Ron didn’t mean YOU,” claimed Adam), and each one feels like a kick in the nuts from our abusive Step-PodFather. Dad slaps us around and mom tells us he didn’t mean it, he’s just tired and needs some quiet time.

    We need to stop calling ourselves “independant” and then giving the slightest pause at what people like Bloom say. What, did you think he was going to help you out? Podcaster, please…

    Instead of having Adam show up after the fact, and explain what Bloom meant, they should have someone actually READ the press releases BEFORE they are sent out, so they can anticipate these little flare ups. Assuming they meant to say what Mr. Curry claims. Me thinks everyone is showing their hand…

    The early days are SO over it hurts…

    – dK

  22. Dan Klass says:

    PS: Bob, thanks for posting this. Bloom and Co. are fantastic comedy writers…

  23. David Jacobs says:

    See Dave Slusher’s excellent post on this as well and my comment about the “old’ days. http://tinyurl.com/6sa2yy

  24. Phil Bowman says:

    Right now, your post is up on PRD’s home page 🙂

    Today’s Comments

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    At least Podcasting has left AC way behind, for all the good he did at the start.

  25. Hannah Graham says:

    I predicted that Podshow would die, and I was right. (Adam didn’t believe me.)

    Trying to resurrect it with a name change and new website isn’t fooling anyone.

    The model is flawed. Those in charge seem to be, as well.

    I will continue to support independent podcasters with subscriptions, donations and downloads.

  26. […] while you’re at it why not go read Bob Goyetche’s excellent rant over the morphing/rebranding of Podshow into Mevio (WTF???  Just what kind of drugs were they on when they came up with that name?) – the comments […]

  27. I am in this for the fun. Oh and the liquor. Frankly that is why I do anything…

  28. Oh, and if that really is Adam Curry, man, how very professional of you….

  29. Bob says:

    thanks all so much for your comments, opinions and information, this reads like a podcasting who’s who! Nice to ‘see’ some old names again. I take the response to this post as a great sign of the health still in this community.

    The ‘old days’ were fun, but the fun’s definitely not over. In fact, I still think it’s getting better.

    And do check out the links mentioned in the comments here, some great reading there.

  30. Scott Sigler says:

    Say what you want about Adam, but he came here and posted on this blog. He’s trying to engage with the community, even if it’s just to defend his company. He could just sit in an ivory tower and say nothing, as most executives do.

    I’m on Podshow/Mevio and I’m having my own issues right now. As a producer for that company, Ron’s comment is odd, at best, highly disturbing, at worst.

  31. Sounds to me like Podshow tried one business model, it didn’t work, and now they’re trying something else. Which is fine. They’re a business.

    When they got started a few years ago, I’d hoped to see some interesting and innovative stuff at the podshow.com site, and some enhancements to the Podsafe Music Network and stuff. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

    I never really looked into the contract controversy and so on, but I got too much of a creepy and secretive vibe to want to get involved. I’m glad I kept podcasting as a fun hobby, instead of trying to quit my day job. I like my day job!

  32. Jim Williams says:

    It does not help that they also cut podcasters payments by 50%. They do not give a rip about podcasters.

  33. Looks like Bob’s house is where the party’s at!

    I looked at joining the Podshow bandwagon when it was popular, but I’m glad I didn’t. I wanted to retain absolute control over my own content and production. This statement by RB is quite antithetical to the origins of the podcasting movement. Nice to see a range of viewpoints here, but also nice to see many podcasters won’t stand for getting trampled on.

  34. As an avid podcast listener, but not a podcaster, I feel the need to weigh in. When I look at my personal list of podcast subscriptions I see an equal mix of both “amateur” and “professional” shows. I don’t understand why so many people feel that there is not room for both. So what if some people are looking to make a living by podcasting? Shouldn’t they have that right? And if you podcast purely for the enjoyment, fantastic! But why does it have to be one or the other? Try to remember that podcasting was built by both camps, those who are in it for fun and those who are looking to earn a living. Podshow/Mevio’s contribution is just as important as the thousands of amateur or independent podcasters out there in the world. Personally, I will continue to support programs like Geek Brief TV and the shows of Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff while still listening to my favourite independent podcasts likely Quirky Nomads, Broca’s Area and the Canadian Podcast Buffet because I enjoy them. Every one of these shows fulfills a different need for me, whether it be entertainment or information or whatever. I don’t see why a podcaster who chooses to sign on with a company like Mevio should be ostracized by the rest of the podcasting community.

  35. I find it hard to believe that Broca’s Area fufills a need for anyone, but that is neither here nor there….

    I too listen to a lot of indie stuff and a lot of pro stuff. Hell, I listen to 3 or 4 from CNET, and I even support TWIT by giving 2 bucks a month. Of course we can (and perhaps should) have both the indie and pro stuff. That said, the pro stuff I like, and listen to, still involves community (especially Buzz Out Loud) and it umm, feels indie, but is upfront about the fact that it is a money making (or attempted money making) venture. It is all in how it is done, not if money is being made or not, at least to me.

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  37. Valerie says:

    I’m pretty much with Vivian.

    Bullshit should be called no matter what “camp” it came from, so fair enough. Also, I’ve never liked Podshow’s site in terms of navigation or accessibility – whatever, I stick to Juice (from the ashes of iPodder).

    That said, while even I have spoken about podcasting in terms of pro and non-pro camps, walls between them are useless. If the content is engaging, I don’t care about the camp or what somebody says in a press release (except that maybe someone put out a press release at all). If ads distract me from content, I’ll walk away without offence.

    It’s all about content, the humans who create it, and the humans who consume it.

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  1. […] while you’re at it why not go read Bob Goyetche’s excellent rant over the morphing/rebranding of Podshow into Mevio (WTF???  Just what kind of drugs were they on when they came up with that name?) – the comments […]

  2. […] Podshow is reinventing itself as Mevio (links not provided since they automatically play music — Ugh!!). Read Bob’s post […]

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