Go back and reread stuff

Like a lot of you, I spend a lot of my time reading. When it comes to my day-job, it’s the endless emails, technical docs, proposals, etc… When it comes to personal time, I read many blogs, a few magazines, the paper every day, and of course the Bathroom readers for time spent in the library… What? you don’t know these books? You have to check them out – they are truly awesome – I’m a loyal customer…

Anyhow, with the constant flow of information, it’s only normal to not catch everything in the first read. Often, I find I get something new out of rereading something I’ve read before.

I had an example of this as I was re-reading Hugh Macleod’s How to be Creative again while having a coffee this morning. I’d read it before, but this time around, the bit that stuck out was the “Sex and Cash” theory. Here’s the theory verbatim : “The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs: One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills. Sometimes the task in hand covers both bases, but not often. This tense duality will always play center stage. It will never be transcended.” I’ll let you check out his deeper explanation.

This one hit home for me, and I’m sure it does for a lot of people in our “space”.. I recently caught myself telling someone that I was almost regretful at being really good at what I do for my day job and how I’d love to spend more time on my creative pursuits (media, podcasting, music etc..)… Hugh brought it home for me, and his message is quite simple, once you learn to accept the duality of your existence, you end up moving forward much faster.

So I’ve latched on to the Sex & Cash theory, though I’d read it a few times before. It strange how the brain works.

Now if I can figure out why I take life advice from a guy who draws on business cards, I’ll be even further ahead…

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