Late for a meme, again..

Mitch Joel tagged me in the “5 podcasts that will make you fall in love with podcasting” thing.. It was a way to celebrate Hugh’s new site earIdeas, which seems to be a sort of recommendation site for podcasts.. To be honest, my workload made it so that I slid sideways into the holidays, and haven’t really scoped out the site yet, but I plan to – Hugh is usually involved in some pretty interesting projects..

It’s hard for me to come up with 5, as my podcast listening is so varied and irregular these days.. but I’ll give it a shot.. In fact, I’ll list 5 randoms ones out of my 20 or so favourites…

These are no longer being produced, but they still made me fall in love with podcasting… Maybe you can find archives somewhere…

  • Reality Bitchslap Radio
  • Extra Super Action Show
  • Anthony the Progressive Rev
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  1. hugh says:

    hey bob, thanks for the plug, and for the suggestions … but inoveryourhead ? – i think that guys stopped podcasting in, like, 2006 or something!

  2. Bob Goyetche says:

    You’re right Hugh, I should have put that one in the second section…

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