Another great car ride

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If you’ve been listening to the Canadian Podcast Buffet, you know we’ve recently been featuring audio we recorded on our drive to and from Boston for Podcamp Boston2. It is becoming my belief that the best conversations happen in cars, and I’d like to show you another example.

A couple of months back, Julien Smith, Mitch Joel and I met up for supper before heading to the Montreal blogger’s meetup YULBlog. The dinner talk touched on new media, podcasting, name it , and it was for me one of those “wow” moments that reminds me why I enjoy this space and these people so much.

Julien Smith & Mitch Joel

Photo credit: Mark Blevis

After dinner, we got in Mitch’s car, and I turned on the recorder thinking a few snippets might be useful for the buffet. When it came right down to it though, we touched on so much more, and I couldn’t see chopping anything out of this, so here’s the whole conversation.

Here’s the power of “new media”.. Mitch and Julien knew they were being recorded, were still themselves, and still brought home points with ease and passion that a prepared interview couldn’t possibly come close to capturing. No one acted differently because the red record light was on. This is as real as it gets, and you can tell when we’re umm.. “distracted” by an attractive woman we drive by.

On this american thanksgiving weekend, I find myself thankful that I can count guys like these as friends. Join me and enjoy the ride through Montreal on the way to YULBlog..

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  1. Totally forgot about this one and REALLY looking forward to hear it. That was a great conversation. Thanks Bob!

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  3. Dave Delaney says:

    Thanks for sharing this Bob. Two of my favourite people, well, three counting yo’ bad self 🙂


  4. Danke, Bob – helps me get over missing Podcamp Boston

  5. p.s. Hey. I wear black from head to toe …

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  1. […] Another great car ride with Mitch Joel and Julien Smith […]

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