Radio? How does that work?

Reading Hugh Mcguire’s blog this afternoon, where he’s talking about Nora Young’s new radio show Spark.. I love the post-script at the end :

*NOTE: Radio shows are just like podcasts, except that you have to listen to them at specific times (often based on a “schedule” that a small group of people determine arbitrarily), and instead of being able to hear them on your computer, or put them on your protable mp3 player, you have to buy a special “radio receiver.” Radio receivers are devices that pick up radio signals (much like wifi), but are usually single-purpose machines – ie for audio only, no email, internet etc.

heh heh…

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  1. John Meadows says:

    If you put that paragraph into past tense, it sounds like what might be in a history book a few years from now.

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