In Saint John this week

Yep, the one in New Brunswick. Notice the complete lack of ‘S .. It really angers Saint John folk when you call it Saint John’s. They almost get mad enough to put down their Keith’s and give you a good smack.

Luckily though, they’re friendly, honest, good people, and I’ll be spending a few days with them there this week..

So if you’re a podcaster/social media geek near the world-famous “Reversing Falls” … Let me know, maybe we can meet at Rocky’s for a pint or two…

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One Comment

  1. Gotta say, Bob… I’m highly jealous.

    My mom’s side is all from the St. John area, so i know what you mean about the ‘s.

    I’ve always vowed to visit the area, but haven’t yet… So I’m pretty jealous that you’re there and I’m all the way back up here.

    Have one for me.

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