Dramatic Look

Dramatic Look

Tell me why I can’t stop watching this..

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  1. I pushed play like 9 times. The first time, I laughed out loud. The third or fourth time, I couldn’t see because I was crying. By 7, I was making a weird wheezing sound.

    Thanks, Bob.

  2. You are evil Bob, this is just too strange for 5am, and yes I cant stop watching, oj just came out my nose, 🙂

  3. katherine says:

    It’s the music — I watched twice before I realized I hadn’t turned my audio on (hey, it was before my morning caffeine fix!) and it wasn’t funny.

    The minute I watched with the sound on — I collapsed with laughter.

    Interesting how much difference the dramatic music makes.

  4. Cat says:

    OK! I don’t get it – it just does nothing for me.

    Wrong time of day I guess!

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