Happy blog-day

Hey! It’s blog day! Now if you’re reading this blog, chances are we have the “usual suspects” in common anyway, so let’s highlight blogs you might not know about, but that I regularly enjoy…

Coolopolis – Great stories and pictures from Montreal history – Ususally presented with a bit of attitude, and lots of information. Often looks at the darker side of Montreal history, which reads like a Godfather novel.

Retro thing – Yes, every toy and gadget I grew up with is officially “retro” I’m old, guess that’s why I dig this one.

brutdegroove – (in french) Still not sure how I found this one. Amazing groove/funk/lounge compilations, with witty liner notes to tie it all together. RIAA Approved? Probably not.

YesButNoButYesCC Chapman introduced me to this one. Entertaining look at pop-culture provides nice breaks from the daily trudge. Like boing boing but less tired.

Steve-Olson.com – A new one in my reader, this one’s about “people pursuing freedom”. Quite a few thought-provoking posts.

Post your own 5 on your blog, exposure to new stuff expands the mind!

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  1. Nico says:

    Retro thing is pretty cool 🙂 I didn’t know that one.

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