Videotron… why do you hate your customers too?

A deal is a deal right? Not if you’re Videotron.

Videotron is the local cable/isp/telephone conglomerate here in Quebec. After getting incredibly useless customer and technical service from their main rival Bell, I made the switch to Videotron a couple of years ago.

I spend a great deal of time online, working on client systems, podcasting, etc.. I didn’t want to worry about bandwidth caps. So I went with what they call the “Extreme” internet access which was heavily advertised as having no bandwidth cap.

Last week, those of us paying for the top-tier access package were advised that suddenly, there was a 100GBcap. Take it or leave it.

Today, reading Fagstein’s blog, I found out that there is a class action setting up against Videotron and the bait & switch they are doing with their customers.

So if you’re using Videotron, and not thrilled with being treated like crap, sign up!

We live in the land of the Two Solitudes, but in this case, it’s means the choice is being treated like crap by Videotron, or hosed by Bell.


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  1. Kelley B. says:


    I have been listening to The Catfish Show for a long while now and have recently begun listening to Bob and AJ. I have to say that just as I became a huge fan of you and Cat with Catfish Show, I am now a huge fan of Bob and AJ. Enjoy listening to you and AJ talk about all the funny stories like being stuck in a motel with an Argentinian. 🙂 Thanks for all the great shows.

    Your friend and new listener,

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