Thoughts while easing back online

Taking a break from an online presence is an interesting experience. Pretty much since Podcasters Across Borders, I’ve been taking up very little space in the whatever-o-sphere. My blog posts stopped, podcasting output pretty much nil, and I was completely off sites like Twitter and facebook, barely even answering email except from close friends.

You know what I missed? Nothing. Life went on.

I think that many of us who live much of our lives online lose sight of the effort required to build and maintain an online “presence”. It builds slowly at first, a blog post here & there, a twitter tweet now & then… Until you’re using a lot of your time maintaining everything from LinkedIn to adding “friends” you don’t really know to Facebook to (insert latest social media thingie here). Sure, everyone on the planet now knows you’re blow-drying your socks, but really, who cares?

It was good for me to spend time away. As I ease myself back online, I find myself questioning the time I’m about to spend updating all these things and the value it creates.

Many of us are content creators, yet in recent times I’ve witnessed many more status updates from content creators I know than I’ve seen new content. I’m guilty of that. Do people not have time to create or consume content anymore in this 160-character limited on-line presence?

I’m going to make a concerted effort to make more out of my online presence. I’d rather people know I’m fine because I’m creating interesting content than they know because I’ve twittered “I’m fine”.

What about you? Are you spending more time updating your status than actually doing something about it?

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  1. Morrie says:

    Bob, I agree with you. Its a diversion, it doesn’t have to rule our lives. I’ve been off the mic. because there hasn’t been anything really worthwhile sharing. Mind you I’ve found a truckload more Canadian podcasts from CPB and PAB, have enjoyed listening to the presentations and its great to hear your banter with AJ back on the airwaves or whatever they are. I think the trick is to keep it all in perspective.

  2. Dan says:

    These are insightful comments. I’ve been trying to get a handle on Facebook for a work project (actually, I’m one of your “friends”), but this 45 year old is having trouble seeing the point.

    I’m all for content creators working on interesting things less often, than constantly updating with minimal info.

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