The traditional summer pullback

Yes, I’ve been rather quiet online recently. This coincides with the “Post-Podcasters-Across-Borders-letdown”, and also the fact that “day-job” is taking up a LOT of my time these days. Toss in the fact that I was completely offline for almost a week, and am slowly digging through my inbox.. If you emailed me something I should have answered by now, let me know – I’m still not caught up..

So when I find myself with free time these days, it’s about enjoying summer, hanging out with the family, relaxing and recharging before an autumn that I know will bring changes and exciting projects.

You might call this the deep breath before the plunge, or at least I might.

So fear not my friends, I’m still somewhat around, but we only get 2-3 months of nice weather, I’d rather not spend too much spare time at the computer…

Hope your summer is going well!

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