Have I mentioned PAB2007?

Not specifically, eh? Shows you how good I am at self-promotion.

The last few months of work for the 4 of us comes to fruition in about 16 days. I’m so proud of the event we’ve put together, it is simply going to ROCK! If you’re even remotely interested in podcasting, meeting great people, hearing great bands, there are a few spots left at :


For the crazy-low $100 registration fee you get:

    * 19 sessions (including a workshop) over 3 days
    * 2 concerts in 2 nights, 3 bands in all
    * 1 boat cruise
    * 2 continental breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday)
    * 1 Buffet lunch (Saturday) with vegetarian and vegan dishes
    * 1 free t-shirt for each registrant
    * 1 free Freddy Litwiniuk CD for each registrant
    * 1 lounge with couches for hanging out
    * 1 participant-managed breakout room
    * and the mandatory “And much, much more!!”

not to mention a chance to spend the weekend with some of most interesting people you’ll meet! Last year was a blast, this year will be a BIGGER blast- I’m SO looking forward to this!!

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  1. Char says:

    Heya Bob!
    So I’ve finally figure out what the deal is for me and PAB. I’m working the Friday and the Saturday, but I’m thinking I’ll take the train in on Sat evening and hang out with everyone. I’m not registered or anything, but I figure I will likely be spending more time running around with Amaya and socializing than actually going to sessions (which would only be Sunday sessions anyway).
    I was wondering if you know of anyone who might be able to give me a ride back to Montreal at the end of PAB. I’m not sure what the deal is with the holiday weekend and what not, when people are going to be heading back and the like. But if anyone has room in their car, I will help pay for gas! If not, I can take the bus or the train back. 🙂
    Thanks for the help Bob. See you soon!

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