Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

I spent some time yesterday and today watching the 7-part interview from the All Things Digital conference. I must say it was a very entertaining and insightful interview. Now I don’t know who the people interviewing are, and it shouldn’t matter, but the woman (Kara?) was probably the least enjoyable part of the video. One thing I’ve learned and try to apply when interviewing is that it’s NOT about you, it’s about your subject. I think she forgets this from time to time and tries to be part of the show. She had some good questions, but by the time she got to them I was annoyed anytime I heard her voice. She had used up whatever currency she had before she even got to the subjects.

Overall, that was a minor thing, and I did enjoy watching these friends/enemies/friends again discuss our industry, and where they think it’s going to go. There are 7 parts at 10-15 minutes per part, but it’s a worthwhile effort. There’s also a highlight reel, which manages to capture the more interesting points, and surprisingly also captures the ability of Kara to get in the way of the interview.

Anyone else think Kara looks like the psychiatrist from the Sopranos?

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  1. Wow, thanks for pointing this out Bob!
    I didn’t realize there was video of the event.
    It really is inspiring to listen to these giants of our industry.

    Love’em or hate’em, these guys are who started and sustained the home computer revolution. I realize there are a lot more people I could give credit to here; but none are still as visible or involved as these two.

  2. Serge Lemire says:

    Salut Bob,

    Dans cette baladodiffusion tu mets le point sur une lacune, un défaut que certains interviewers ont…celui de trop parler. Et parfois j’en suis…pourquoi? Et on sait bien que c’est de l’autre qu’il faut parler, lui poser les questions pertinentes qui feront ressortir quel être sympathique il est etc.

    Et je tenais aussi à te dire combien j’ai aimé faire ta connaissance et celles de tous les gens qui étaient au Sergent Recruteur, jeudi le 31 mai dernier…

    Au plaisir de se revoir et d’échanger à nouveau


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