In case you missed it, there was quite an uproar yesterday on digg, the popular social bookmarking site where the interaction pattern is :

  • find something interesting on the net
  • write a blog post paraphrasing it, and in some cases, link to the original content
  • submit it to digg where people can approve (digg) a story, or bury it (digg-down)

If it’s an Apple story, 23093 people will digg your story, sending 140340 visitors to your website, greatly overpowering your $4/month hosting on a server in the back room of a travel agency. Visitors will get 404’s and sql errors when they visit your site, you will need to change your site/ site name/ your own name in hopes of building a new identity where you didn’t 404 the kiddies.

– If it’s a non Apple story, rival factions will debate your link in the comments, where “the haters” will simple leave bad comments about your mom, and “the others” will degenerate into a shouting match over the USA’s involvement in Iraq and why Bush is (or isn’t) the greatest president since James Madison.

Yesterday, a new pattern emerged, and kids went ape-shit over it. Someone posted “the secret codes” which, when used by someone with knowledge on these things, can circumvent the encryption on HD-DVDs. The people that own the code submitted a Cease & desist to digg (much like Tod Maffin did, ‘cept for real) demanding the code be removed from the site.

At first, digg complied, then the users who were being “censored” and “deleted” and “not busy downloading porn at the moment” and “mom I’ll clean my room LATER” revolted. Every new post to digg contained the numbers. It was funny, people would submit a link to a picture of a cat, and the picture would be of a cat with the codes plastered all over it. digg admins weren’t able to delete fast enough to keep up.

Faced with this revolt, and the fact that their ass had been handed to them by their own users. digg stepped up to the plate, and said they’d fight the “good fight”.

Like I said on Julien’s post
I don’t see it as a rebellion against digg per se, I see it as american kids finally realizing what laws like the DMCA can do to shut information down – this might be a watershed moment in the digital rights fight. Or, it was a bunch of 13 year olds doing a circle jerk..

Time will tell, in the meantime, it can be entertaining to those of us who don’t really give a tinkle either way.

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  1. C.C. says:

    I always love your outlook on things dude. Plus anytime you get to use the phrase “don’t really give a tinkle either way” in a blog post it’s got to be worth reading!

  2. Wow! I had no idea that happened yesterday! Go to work for one day and see what happens?!?! 😉
    Nice post Bob.


  3. Nico says:

    I found out about this whole thing through the cat photo

    so the photo wasn’t completely random, as you can see if you check the website (i’m subscribed to the feed, a guilty pleasure so to speak, heh).

    About Digg, well, all I’ll say is all the people whining about getting banned from Digg should have paid more attention at the terms of use when they signed up. I’ll sit back, get some popcorn and watch the show 😉

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