The right way to do beta

Last night, I wanted to fire up Joost and browse some videos. I got a network connection error, tried again and it still didn’t work. My happiness wasn’t hanging on the ability to use Joost last night, so I moved on thinking I would try again later.

I didn’t report the problem to Joost, just moved on. I know, that makes me a bad beta guy.

This morning, I get an email saying this

Apologies to all – but we’ve got a new Joost version 0.9.2 ready for you
– as your old 0.9.1 is no longer working (with a very unfriendly error
message as well).

You can login and download the new 0.9.2 here:

Our apologies for this – but this is all part of being a beta.

Nicely done, Joost-people! This is the way to deal with users (like me this time) who need additional nudging to push the testing forward. I’ve received far worse support from services I actually pay for, so this is very encouraging for Joost-mojo..

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  1. Jay Moonah says:

    Hah, yeah I got that email too Bob and I thought “oh, how nice!” Those Scandinavian guys are sure classy.

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