Twitter Updates for 2007-03-27

  • G’morning all! #
  • 2 issues today: How long will the Quebec minority Gov’t last, and someone please tell me why George Stroumboulopoulos is such a big deal? #
  • I had had supper with the drummer from Uncle Seth last night #
  • @jay – it was great. As for Chris, well, there was a whole thing with a bouncer and some golf clubs, but I don’t want to get into it 🙂 #
  • thanks to all for the Stroumbopoulos replies – I don’t watch him, and the CBC seems to be really pushing him, so I was wondering why.. #
  • Ok Tweets – Meet up in front of my house in 7 minutes- bring beer. And If I’m not there, leave the beer. #
  • @tsdiva – wonder what the response will be 🙂 #
  • off to supper, a few errands, and then watch the Habs beat the Rangers (fingers crossed!!) #

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