Twitter Updates for 2007-03-26

  • Just put my son to bed – tonight was a 2 book night 🙂 I love being a dad #
  • Welcome Hugh – say Hello to checking twitter every 5 minutes! #
  • @Hugh: Have you found a job that will let you go to conferences and be grumpy yet? #
  • going through PAB2007-stuff #
  • activating Twittertools turns my blog into a blank page – cool #
  • calling it – g’nite tweeters #
  • Catching up on blogs, and preparing to suffer through a conference call-filled day.. Montreal Geek Dinner will make it all better… #
  • @Jay – that $5k should help you feel better about it 🙂 #
  • @CC – agreed -i find twitter much easier to ignore than skype/IM #
  • Planning when to duck out so I can go vote #
  • @Jay Woohoo!! I wish you and Karen get as much joy from being parents as Cathy & I do #
  • @Jay – do it now, cause you won’t be able to later! #
  • noticing that Twitterrific is dropping some Tweets – well that sucks #
  • CBC retains NHL broadcast rights – Just what our tax dollars should be paying for.. More Don Cherry and Toronto-centre-of-the-universe-ism #
  • The show is mis-named – should be “Hockey night in Toronto”… This is NOT the CBC’s mandate!! Dump hockey, and let real sports people do it #
  • @Jay ; TSN/RDS/Sportnet… People need to know that the other team’s players have names. It’s not just “the Ottawa goal-tender” #
  • voting today is all about whose policies I dislike least… Urgh #
  • @chrisbrogan – have you had the “I want to punch some dreamers in the vulva.” bumper-stickers printed yet? #

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