Your podcast is a Hug


It’s simple, no? I’ll say it again: Your podcast is a Hug.

Follow me on this.. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the story of this video by Juan Mann:

Juan, aside from generating an emotional response that actually brings a tear to my eye, has generated all kinds of “social currency”. This in turn has led to copy cat movements spreading good will and positive vibes all over the world. He, in turn, ends up on Oprah and millions of people admire him. I’ve read he plans to use this to start a charitable organization..

Meanwhile, his cousin Adiffrent Mann attended a HugCamp session on MONETIZING YOUR HUGS and is now convinced he can get somewhere..

Cheap hugs

Which hugger/podcaster do you want to be?


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  1. hugh says:

    excellent. it is about time that we started getting serious about hugging, otherwise it’ll just stay in the hands of amateurs and hugging will never evolve.

  2. Bill Deys says:

    I am totally on board with the concept of the “Free” Hugs. Comments, Twitters, Hugs, etc really do make people feel better and is the best encouragement around in todays social media scene! I am also all for the actual free hugs, it helps me break down the awkwardness I am always feeling and makes everyone more comfortable with each other!

  3. I had seen this video a few times before Mitch Joel played it in his presentation on personal branding at PodCamp Toronto, but I’ll admit that my eyes were watering a bit, too!

    We have to pay for everything else. Let’s keep hugs free.

  4. Linda says:

    In my ‘monetized’ life I work with physicians, most of whom are cancer docs, and although my contact with them is primarily by phone and email, we do all meet together in the same room at least twice a year.

    Everybody hugs. It’s something that oncologists recognize as an important thing to do.

    At a much larger meeting of all types of physicians, one oncologist I know said to some non-onco colleagues that the most important information in a patient’s office visit usually gets told at the very end, “When I’m giving them a hug goodbye.” The other docs who were listening gasped and asked, “You hug your patients?” He answered, “Sure, don’t you all?”

    Leave it to the cancer docs to recognize what’s important in this world.

    An unabashed hugger,

  5. Mark says:

    One of my greatest takeaways from PodCamp was your comment “Free hugs are now twenty-five cents”. In a tiny little phrase, you said so much about the movement to put financial interests ahead of a great thing.

    Thank you for *FINALLY* blogging this!

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