Rock Stars

It’s not often one gets to spend a weekend with rock stars. I just did. Everyone who participated, attended or was somehow involved in Podcamp this past weekend is a rock star.

I’d like to thank the following people for making my weekend rock. I know I’m going to forget some names, but I’m going to try anyway..

Bill Deys,Mitch Joel,Julien Smith,Andrew Stanley-Jones,Chris Penn,Mark Blevis,Bryan Person,Jay Moonah,Hugh McGuire,Chris Brogan,Vergel Evans,Brent Morris,Leesa Barnes,Whitney Hoffman,Linda Mills,Mark Pavlidis,Sonya Buyting,Marko Kulik,Scarborough Dude

If I forgot you, I’m sorry, please let me know – I’ll fix it.. I will add to this list over the next posts, as my brain spews forth posts from ideas I had while I podcamp..

It’s hard to come down from the positive energy from this weekend, it’s so addictive!

Also big thanks to anyone who helped me with my hobble or waited for me while I caught up. If you want to know, my leg doesn’t require surgery, a few weeks of rest and physiotherapy and I’ll be square-dancing again in no time…

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  1. julien says:

    dude, let me just say this. this community in canada would be nothing as cohesive as it is without you and mark. you deserve a lot of credit too. thanks for the love man (and the ride home). πŸ™‚

  2. They said that Fred Astaire was an amazing dancer, but that when you think about it, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred did, only backwards and in four inch heels.

    You, Bob, are Canada’s Ginger Rogers of podcasting community, and I love you in a completely non-gay, didn’t-spoon-with-you-or-at-least-I-ain’t-telling way.

  3. Mark says:


    I am thankful that I have the privilege of producing and hosting CPB with you. As always, it was amazing to travel and hang out with you. Thanks for the ride and the laughs.

    Now… on to PAB!


  4. Mitch Joel says:


    Where would Canada (and Podcasting) be without you? If we’re all Rock Stars, then you’ve already been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (and, damn it, you’re still going at it πŸ˜‰

    I’m happy to see that you’re on the road to recovery. Every time I saw you, all I kept thinking was, “man, if that were me, I would be home and in bed.” It’s a true testament to your spirit and passion. Keep it on fire.

    And, to quote The Who, “Long Live Rock.”

  5. Bob,

    You’re a rockstar. Only without the drug abuse, deafness, multiple arrests, and mug shots on In all seriousness, it was a pleasure hanging out with you at PodCamp!

  6. Vergel E says:

    I spent the whole weekend in disbelief… never in my life have I been in a room with so many influential people who were so chill and down to earth. I’ve had to deal with a fair share of electronic music artists with half the skill and double the ego…..

    Bob, I’ve been spot listening to your show for ages and you’re way way way cool.

    Infact everyone was way cool. Way way way impressive!

  7. Leesa Barnes says:

    I’m just glad that I got my hug, Mr. Goyetche. Thanks for being there, you Rock Star you πŸ™‚

  8. hugh says:

    Bob, Great to see you in Toronto, and thanks for the ride back to the city. At 1 am. With a busted calf muscle. And an hour out of your way. You are a gentleman podcaster in the truest sense. we should talk about doing a podcast get-together-something-or-other in Montreal (I missed the first meetup thing) …

  9. To Bob and all the other Rock Stars on the list, it was great to experience the “community” so often talked about by someone – to date – that can hardly be considered a groupie, let alone a rock star. It struck me how so many of you that I was interested in meeting and bouncing around ideas were just as interested in hearing what I was up to in completely unrelated areas. The openness and sharing of everyone was on a scale I had yet to experience. The term rock star (with all its ego, attitude, etc. baggage) does not do justice to group of people you mention and all the others…

    Saving my pennies for PAB!

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