Argh! I broke my feed

..but it’s back now.. apologies to those who hang by my every word..

Here’s what I was TRYING to do..

I use .htaccess to reroute to

works like a charm, UNLESS I also turn on pretty permalinks to avoid links.

Seems I can do one or the other, but when I try to do both I can’t. Surely I’m missing something..

I’ve tried to find a solution but can’t.. Is anyone a .htaccess expert?

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Here’s how my RSS redirect looks…

    Redirect /podcasts/andycast.xml

    of course that’s all on a single line.

    For me the key was the full path for the original even though the .htaccess sits in the same directory as the old file…

    I made the switch to let WordPress generate the XML rather than do it by hand which I was coding by hand until Dec….

    No one said I was the sharpest tack in the box.

    Hope that helps.

    Andy Bilodeau

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