Odeo’s getting Twittered

Odeo is for sale. The guys at Obvious are spending lots of time on Twitter, which I think has stuck a note with the online community more than Odeo has so far.

Perhaps Odeo’s next custodians will be able to give it a sense of direction and build a community around it. For now though, it seems to have been left adrift with a hodge podge of features that all seem neat, but don’t form a cohesive product..

I know they put a lot of effort into Odeo, at least initially. Now Twitter, a much simpler site is taking off. I guess it goes to show that a great idea will do better than a lot of hard work.

These guys ( Evan Williams, and Biz Stone) are/were behind Blogger, Odeo & Twitter.. 2 out of three ain’t bad!

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