I’m a Pickler

Yep – I’m this week’s “Guest Pickler” over on podcast pickle. So all this week on the Pickle you’ll see my seven picks for shows I think you should check out.. I won’t post them here, check out the site. Thanks to P Dilly for asking me, this is fun.

If you think that podcasting ends with iTunes or that “other” forum, you need to do yourself a favour and check out Podcast Pickle. While I’ve always kinda wondered about the name, I’ve never once wondered abut P Dilly’s commitment to this space and it’s people. The forum over there thrives, and once in a while he does fun things like “Podcast Wars” where two podcasts come up at random and you have to vote. The voting’s unimportant, it’s just really a great way to get exposure to shows of which you may not have heard.

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  1. Hey Bob,

    Thank you for making me your Pickle Pick for Thursday….and perfect timing that I got a brand new show out last night!

    Thanks again..I’m honoured!

    Andy Bilodeau

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