Hi. My name is Bob, and I’m lonely

At least that what Michael Keren would have you think in his book.

Mitch Joel saw this article in the Montreal Gazette, which I must have missed because of my crippling loneliness. Read Mitch’s take, it’s worth it..

Julien points out that this guy has no blog.. Which obviously makes him an expert in social media. Jules also takes exception to the cover of the book which shows an alien at a computer. I’m willing to let that slide, it may the publisher’s decision to not want to sell books.

Here’s the money-quote from this piece of work :

Bloggers think of themselves as rebels against mainstream society, but that rebellion is mostly confined to cyberspace, which makes blogging as melancholic and illusionary as Don Quixote tilting at windmills […]

Keren teaches in the faculty of communication and culture. Oh boy. The scary thing is is some people will read his book, and think it’s real.

The one quote from my new best friend I love is about a blogger whose cat died:

“One day one of the cats dies and the whole blogosphere becomes crazy about the death of this cat, and what happens is she gets a community of support which is not real.”

We’ve just gone through this personally, though it wasn’t a cat. And let me tell you Micheal, the support was much more real than your self-perceived position in your ivory-tower world. What constitutes REAL or NOT REAL support? You’re a tool.

Karen’s entitled to his opinion of course, and I’m glad my RSS reader won’t be clogged with his tripe. What gets to me about this is how Canada.com/Montreal Gazette handles it. They have no comment mechanism or ability to reply on the article. Hey fucknuts, it’s 2007. Get with the program. Wonder why your numbers are dropping? The people who used to read your stuff went online, read blogs, INTERACT with readers, and use newspapers for the bird cage. Nice future you’re embracing there…

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  1. Nico says:

    “These are people with nicknames who express enormous support, but they can disappear in the next minute and they are not real, and she remains lonely in the end.”, he says about the people supporting the lady whose cat dies.

    When Cat’s mom passed away, i was there. I went to the funeral, i paid my respect, i gave a hug to his dad. How more real than that does it get?. Someone should write a reply to this article and send it to the Gazette, signed by as many people in the community as possible.

  2. Beth B. says:

    Hey Bob. Newspapers DO have a feedback mechanism. It’s called a letter to the editor. It is not as instantly gratifying as clicking on the comments button, but it does exist.

    I hope you will write a letter to the editor based on what you posted. You might want to choose another word besides fucknuts too, just so it gets printed. Although it did make me laugh. Oh and of course, use it to promote Rogic too, while you are at it. Why should this clown be the only one who benefits from free publicity?

  3. While I sort of see the point that this is not always the same as face to face interaction (that would be the weak interpretation of his thesis) I think that the point that is oft missed is that this is in many respects a new way of interacting.

    In some respects it reminds me of what I call ‘conference buddies’. I have a number of professional contacts that I only really have spent, face to face, maybe 3 weeks with over the last 18 years. But through email, letters, phone calls etc they are my friends. They are often a different type of friend, but what is wrong with that?

    I felt Cat’s Dad’s death, You guys were in my thoughts all day. I consider Mark and Bob and Cat and Andrea and (insert your name here) friends. They are, perhaps, a different type of frined, but they are my friends.

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